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Dr. Pryor and staff puts their customer first. I received braces in July and this was a great experience. He knows what he is doing and his job is his passion. My daughter also received braces from Dr. Pryor that is what motivated me to do they same. I will definitely refer him to anyone.   D.G.

My husband and I both worked with Dr. Pryor with Invisalign braces for several years. He and his friendly staff took excellent care of us through the entire process! I recently had to have my retainers reset and Dr. Pryor was so kind to see me on short notice and immediately take care of the adjustments. Wonderful service!   J.N.

I did not have braces as a kid, and as I got older my bottom teeth continued to get more crooked. My son went to Dr. Pryor about a dozen years ago with great success, so when I decided to look into getting Invisalign braces to straighten my teeth, I went to Dr. Pryor. After about 15 months, my smile has never looked better. I've had a number of unsolicited compliments. The Invisalign trays really are unnoticeable during the day. Although my mouth would be sore for the first couple of days after the start of each new tray as the teeth moved ever so slightly, a couple of motrin tablets took care of the pain. Dr. Pryor's staff are very nice, they call with reminders and they set up a very reasonable payment plan. If you've hated the way your smile looks, you owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Pryor for a consultation for Invisalign braces.   S.W.

Both of my kids have received excellent care! My son is currently on round 2...he had his jaw stretched when he was younger and is now in braces. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. I definitely recommend them!!    K.H.